Posted by: John Ferringer | July 18, 2011

Presentation: SharePoint Saturday St. Louis May 2011

A few months back, in early May, I was lucky enough to head over to St. Louis and help out with their local SharePoint Saturday event by delivering a few presentations. Sean McDonough and I did our presentation on SharePoint DR entitled “Saving SharePoint”, which we’ve done several times before but was still really enjoyable because Sean has done some great work updating and enhancing the presentation with new content and information.

I also delivered a new presentation I’d been working on about Office 365, and since that was the first time I’d delivered it, I wanted to go ahead and finally get around to posting my slides for it here in case anyone was interested in taking a look at it. Below is the session’s detailed information, as well as the link to where I’ve posted the slide deck on, I hope you find it useful:

Title: Office365 – How the Cloud Makes IT Easy and Why That’s Difficult
Description: It’s a great story: your business desperately needs email and collaboration to be successful, but let’s face it: Exchange and SharePoint are far from easy to implement or run. To the rescue come Microsoft’s Office365 offering, allowing you to buy that critical email and collaboration functionality as a utility, just like you do electricity or water, and you don’t have to have an IT geek to pull it off!

But as easy as Office365 makes this, it’s still not a piece of cake to pull it off and fall in love with what you have. Because it’s such a simple and compelling story, there’s a tendency to gloss over, ignore, or fail to allow for some minor issues and limitations that can unfortunately add up to irritation, frustration, or even worse, a loss of productivity and profit.

This session is less about the numerous benefits and features of the new Office365 offerings from Microsoft Online Services and more about how you need to be able to identify the small things that can trip you up and be prepared to address them proactively. It will show you how to consider some of the unexpected solutions you need to have in place to implement a cloud-based solution for business communication and collaboration and how to make sure that the possible opportunities present in Office365 can be realized by your organization without pain, frustration, or failure.

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