Posted by: John Ferringer | August 1, 2011

Office 365: Links Worth a Look for Monday, August 1st, 2011

Here’s the latest Office 365 articles and posts that I’ve found interesting lately, for your reading pleasure:

  • This is some interesting competitive analysis compiled by Microsoft partner AgileIT comparing Office 365 and Google Apps, with Apple thrown in as an interesting reference point:
  • Back on July 22nd, I linked to a tool, the Cloud Connector, from a company called Layer2 that can be used to integrate local data into the Office 365 cloud. One of their team members has posted a nice video on YouTube showing how it can be used to connect data from an on-premise CRM implementation to Office 365:
  • This blog seems to have a nice approach, briefly addressing one item at a time about SharePoint. Ahh, brevity…something I’m completely incapable of 😉 In this post, Stephen looks at some of the differences between developer SharePoint for an on-premise solution versus SharePoint Online (he calls them gotchas, I think that’s a bit unfair):
  • This article is a bit dated, but still worth a look if you want to see some of the issues the author had with the Office 365 Beta before it was publicly released:
  • Something I was always pleased with in BPOS was the quality of its help documentation (something I reflexively expect to suck, and always have a hard time remembering that Microsoft has gotten a lot better in that area over the years), and they’ve kept it going with Office 365. This article covers how to set up a hybrid Exchange Deployment and Migration for on-premise and Office 365:
  • If you’re currently a BPOS customer and want to know more about when your account will be moved to Office 365, you need to start with the Transition center website Microsoft has set up to help you learn more about it:

That’s it for now (lots more to come soon though), hope they’re helpful!



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