Posted by: John Ferringer | August 15, 2011

Come Heckle Me: Where I’ll Be this Week…

I’ve been invited to do a couple of presentations this week, so I wanted to provide some links and info for anyone who may be in the area and want to come throw tootsie rolls at me 🙂

  • Wednesday, August 17th, I’ll be presenting to the SharePoint Users of Fort Wayne, Indiana on “SharePoint 2010 Development Best Practices.” The meeting starts at 7:30 AM EDT, and is held in downtown Fort Wayne at the offices of Aptera, one of the group’s sponsors. I’m planning on the presentation leaning more towards the beginner side of SharePoint Development, focusing on helping a developer new to the platform getting started the right way to ensure better long term success. I’m also excited about this because its an area of SharePoint that I haven’t spent the majority of my time thinking about, so it’s a great way to challenge myself to move outside my comfort zone and expand my range a bit. There may also be an element of “Admin Eye for the SharePoint Development Guy” to this as well, because as a proper administrator I just can’t see myself passing up an opportunity to warp some developers either! 🙂
  • Saturday, August 20th, I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio for SharePoint Saturday Columbus, delivering “Establishing Dominance: How to Put Your Developers Right Where You Want Them, and Have Them Love You for It”. SPS Columbus is a FREE day long event organized and delivered by the SharePoint community, and a great way to pick up a lot of information about SharePoint (from a ton of people way smarter than me) in a very short time. This time my target audience is IT Professionals and Administrators, and I’ll talking about how to prepare your precious SharePoint environment for those nasty developers, keep them from burning the whole place down, and all the while fall over themselves thanking you profusely for “helping” them so much 😉

I’ll post links to the published slide decks here in as well, but not till after the events (can’t go giving the punchline away, can I?). I hope I’ll see you there!



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