Posted by: John Ferringer | September 9, 2011

Office 365: Links Worth a Look for Friday, September 9th, 2011

Well, there was another outage for Office 365 last night, so I think today I’m going to try and be a little more timely with this by providing several links to the coverage:

My final thoughts on the matter: all in all I’m more concerned about the mechanisms (or lack thereof) Microsoft has set up for customers to stay up to speed on the status of their services than the stability of a platform that is still very young, especially one so completely dependent on so many disconnected systems (platforms in multiple data centers across the world, DNS, internet connectivity, power connectivity, etc). I’m not letting them off the hook for the issues, especially if this is a trend rather than growing pains. But in general, I think they need to focus as much as having a single simple, coherent, effective, and LOUD way for customers to know about the status of their service as on its stability. I know there are status pages, as well as things like the Twitter account (which was a good tool, and probably the source I’m going to check first for stuff like this from now on), but the perspective I’ve heard from customers and partners is that the information provided right now is either too hard to find and/or understand, or is not current. This isn’t exactly an easy problem to solve (since email would be the natural mechanism and at the same time one that can easily impacted by an outage), but Microsoft need to tackle it now rather than later.

UPDATE: As I come across additional links on the outage, I’ll try to post them here. Probably won’t provide as much commentary on them, but at the same time I’m looking to provide links that do give something beyond the ones I’ve already listed…


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