Posted by: John Ferringer | November 4, 2011

New Whitepaper: New and Improved Features for Disaster Recovery in SharePoint 2010

I know it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get any updates posted here (thankfully thought it wasn’t as long of a drought as its been in the past…), but this time I’ve had a fairly valid reason: I’ve been working on a whitepaper with my good friend and co-author Sean McDonough for Idera Software on new and improved features for Disaster Recovery in SharePoint 2010. The good news is that we’re all done writing it now, and Idera’s been nice enough to publish it for you to download:

The slightly-wince inducing news though is that Idera had a little fun with the whitepaper’s title: “New Features in SharePoint 2010: A Disaster Recovery Love Story“. Oof. I guess I’m a romance author now, or perhaps a bromance author…

Any ways, please go check it out and let me know what you think. As far as I know it’s free to download from Idera, but you will probably have to log in (and create an account with them if you haven’t already). I know that means that it’s technically not free since you’re giving them your contact info, but if you’re like me you’ve probably already danced that dance in several other places for similar kinds of info, so go for it!

And in case you need some further incentive, here’s a broad outline of some of the content we cover in the whitepaper:

  • RPO/RTO – if you want to know DR, you’ve got to know these!
  • PowerShell and SharePoint 2010 DR – PowerShell FTW
  • Configuration Backups
  • SQL Server Database Snapshots
  • Unattached Content Database Recovery
  • SQL Server Database Mirroring
  • Search DR Improvements
  • Read-only Databases Improvements
  • SharePoint Native Backup/Restore Improvements
  • Site Recycle Bins
  • DR Considerations around Service Applications, Remote BLOB Storage, and Business Connectivity Services

If you’re wanting to know more about what’s new in the DR story for SharePoint 2010, this whitepaper is definitely for you. And it makes a great companion Christmas gift to a fresh new copy of the SharePoint 2010 Disaster Recovery Guide!


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