Posted by: John Ferringer | March 12, 2012

Presentations: SPTechCon San Francisco 2012 and IndyNDA

As crazy as the last couple of weeks have been, I’ve still been lucky enough to have the opportunity to give a couple of presentations that I really enjoyed, and I wanted to make sure that I passed along links to where I’ve posted the slides from those presentations at SlideShare.

First up is the talk I gave onFeburary 27th,  at the 2012 San Francisco stop for SPTechCon on Office 365: How Office 365 Makes IT Easy and Why That’s Difficult. I had an outright blast doing this session, the room was pretty full and the audience was very engaged, which made it a lot of fun and very easy for me. Plus, I got a lot of great questions, which I love because it means that people are interested and engaged. I had a wonderful time at SPTechCon, it really is a top-notch event and definitely something I’d recommend doing if you get the chance.

The other slide deck I want to get shared out is the talk I just gave on March 8th to the IndyNDA .NET Developers User Group: Intro to SharePoint Development for .NET Developers. This topic is definitely a bit of a stretch for me, but I really enjoy trying to stretch myself and tackle new challenges like this. IndyNDA is really a great user group, they pack quite a bit of useful content and assistance into their meetings, so if you’re a developer in the Indianapolis area I’d really recommend attending. I also want to thank my good friend Rob Bogue for really helping me get this presentation into working order, he provided a lot of great insight and feedback to me as I was preparing it.

If you were able to attend either of these presentations, thank you very much for coming and I hope you got something out of them!


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