Posted by: John Ferringer | April 11, 2012

Presentations: Catching up on Some Recent Talks

I’ve been pretty lucky in the last month to be invited to speak at some pretty cool events that have gone down in the Midwest. Last month I made my way up to Detroit to speak at the Detroit Day of Azure about Office 365, and I did a slight variation of a talk I’ve been doing about some of the pros and cons of Office 365. I’ve posted the slides to SlideShare here: The Day of Azure event was great, my hat’s off to David Giard and his team for putting together a really incredible slate of speakers, and me.

Last week I headed over to Columbus, Ohio for an event that was pretty new to me but was very exciting to be a part of: the 2012 Cloud Intelligence Conference. There’s been several editions of this conference being held throughout the United States so far this year, and not only did I get to be a part of the Columbus stop on the tour, but I got to do two different presentations on Office 365 and its implications for businesses. My first presentation was a slightly tweeked version of the Office 365 intro talk I mentioned above at the Detroit Day of Azure, I’ve gone ahead and posted it to SlideShare as well but if you’ve looked at the Detroit slides you probably don’t need worry about these: My second talk was a new one that I’ve been working on that looks at what I think may be the most compelling use case currently available for the SharePoint Online service in Office 365: extranets. I’ve also posted those slides to SlideShare, you can find them here:

Now, if you’re here looking for actual blog content beyond links to my presentations, have faith! I’ve given myself an ultimatum of getting a new blog post up this week, I’ve got a huge list of topics I want to cover in the coming months and the best way to ensure that I do that is to write them up 🙂 I’m going to first focus on finishing up my series on Identity in Office 365, and then be turning to a bunch of interesting stuff I’ve come across in the last six months or so.

So keep your eyes peeled and if there’s anything you want me to cover, don’t hestitate to let me know!



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