Posted by: John Ferringer | May 16, 2012

Upcoming Webinar: Backup is not Backup

Now, before you get worried about me getting on zen and existential on you in this post, don’t. Nor am I going back on everything I’ve ever talked about or wrote about with SharePoint Backup/Restore and SharePoint Disaster Recovery. Instead, I’m getting a quick post up here to announce an upcoming webinar that the great folks at Idera have asked me to deliver on the subject of SharePoint Disaster Recovery.

It’s a subject Sean McDonough, who co-authored our two books with me, and I have covered quite a bit already, but I wanted to go in a different direction this time around. A lot of my focus on SharePoint DR in the past has looked at all the things you need to do before a disaster takes place, but this webinar is going to help you start thinking about what you need to do after a disaster to successfully recover your SharePoint environment.

The title of the webinar comes from a phrase I heard someone say back at the last Las Vegas Microsoft SharePoint Conference in 2009, “Backup is not backup. Restore is backup!” (I wish I could remember who it was that said it to me but its a bit of a blur for me, between the information overload and the general Vegas experience) If that sounds a little strange, let me explain. The phrase, one that Sean and I have also inscribed on a lot of books that we’ve signed for giveaways over the years, points out that backing up your SharePoint isn’t enough: those backups don’t mean a thing if you can’t restore them successfully. That emphasis on restore, the idea that you need to be able to put those backups to actual use if you want to get value out of them, is what I’ll be talking about in this webinar.

The best part, thanks to Idera, is that this webinar is free to attend and view. All you have to do is head over to and register for it, and you’re all set – assuming you remember to log in and attend the actual event. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll see you on June 20th in the chat room!


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