Posted by: John Ferringer | June 4, 2012

Presentations: SharePoint Saturday St. Louis 2012 Slide Decks

As I mentioned in my post last week, this past Saturday I was lucky enough to be selected to do two presentations on SharePoint Online and Office 365 at SharePoint Saturday St. Louis 2012. This was a great event and very personally gratifying for me for a so many reasons that are almost too difficult to count (but I’m still going to try):

  • I really enjoy talking about SharePoint Online 🙂 It’s a great platform, but I do think it’s just as important to help educate people on its shortcomings and how you can overcome them as it is talking about all the great things it can do.
  • I have so many friends in the local and greater St. Louis SharePoint community, and got to see them all again, which was AWESOME.
  • It was a very well run event, and it’s very comforting as a speaker to be a part of a smooth sailing ship like that. My hat’s off to the whole SPS STL planning group, they did a fantastic job.
  • I learned some really good information about Identity and Authentication in Office 365 thanks to my good friend Neil Sly. Neil’s been getting really hands on with stuff like ADFS 2.0 and Single Sign On configuration, and it showed in his talk last Saturday. Thank you Neil!
  • I had an absolute blast travelling to and from the event with my brother from a different mother, Enrique Lima. We had some great conversations about SharePoint and technology on the way over on Friday, and in general just yucked it up all weekend long 😀
  • You may also want to keep an eye on my blog later this week, if things go according to plan I’ll have some much more detailed information about the stuff that Enrique and I talked about on our way home from St. Louis yesterday morning, it was a very productive drive! 😉

I would really like to thank everyone who came out for my two sessions on Saturday, the audiences in both were great. I love presenting when I am talking with the audience and get a lot of questions and discussions, it just really makes it more of a productive dialog than when I’m just talking at a group, and that was definitely the case on Saturday. I’m embedding my two presentations below if you are here looking for my slides, and you can download the PDFs of those decks from my account at

Here’s the slides from my talk on SharePoint Online Development:

And here’s the slides on my second talk, SharePoint Online as an Extranet solution:

SharePoint Online as Extranet – Hot or Not — SPSSTL

Finally, I just want to send out one final big THANK YOU to everyone who attended and/or was involved with SharePoint Saturday St. Louis this past weekend. If I didn’t mention you here, please don’t think it was intentional, there was just so much awesomeness going on that it was all so hard to keep it all straight!



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  2. John, I just ran across the description of your SharePoint Saturday presentation for Dayton. I am really interested in the topic, but alas, I am unable to travel to Dayton to hear it. Will your slides be available here later? And is there an online forum where discussions relating to the slides might take place?

    • Larry —

      I will definitely be posting my slides from SPS Dayton on my SlideShare profile at, and I’ll make sure to have a post here on my blog linking to the specific entry in that stream for the presentation. Discussion-wise, I would imagine that you can post comments to SlideShare, but I’ll be more likely to see them and will do my best to respond to them if you post them as comments here on the blog post with that link.

      Interestingly, the inspiration for this presentation, Everybody Lies: Troubleshooting SharePoint Issues with House M.D., is a whitepaper on troubleshooting SharePoint I recently wrote for Idera. I don’t have a link to that document right off hand, but I’m pretty sure they’ve published it now so I will dig that link up and do a blog post about it shortly, which should also give you some more good info to digest on the subject. 🙂


    • Larry —

      I just posted my slides and recap of my SharePoint Saturday Dayton talk, take a look at let me know what you think and if you have any questions!


  3. Thank you so much – I will have to study up on this topic!

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